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Epiphone Bass Guitars

Epiphone manufactures bass guitars and amplifiers. Anastasios Stathopoulos founded the company in 1873 in what is now Turkey. He moved the company to Queens, New York City in 1903. The company grew and continued to manufacture a variety of musical instruments. In 1957, Gibson acquired Epiphone, and still owns it as a subsidiary.

Epiphone bass guitars are used by many performers in rock bands. Epiphone has been associated with several famous musicians, including Paul McCartney from The Beatles, and Brian Jones and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. While Epiphone is owned by Gibson, it produces its own unique lines of bass guitars, amplifiers, and other instruments.

Current Epiphone Bass Guitar Models

There are several models of bass guitars made by Epiphone. Here are some of the more common ones that you will encounter:

  • Allen Woody Rumblekat - Designed by Allen Woody from The Allman Brothers Band, this bass guitar has a semi-hollow body. It has four strings, a mahogany neck, and rosewood inlay.

  • EB-0 Bass - This four-string bass guitar has a short-scale narrow neck and total fret access that make it easy to play.

  • EB-3 Bass - This four-string bass guitar features a long-scale set neck to enable better sustain and tone. It has a mahogany neck and rosewood inlay.

  • El Capitan - This is a four-string bass guitar with a large body made out of maple. Its 34-inch scale and large body allow it to produe an especially deep bass sound, even if it is not connected to an amplifier.

  • Jack Casady - Designed by Jack Casady from Jefferson Airplane, this bass guitar has four strings and a 34-inch scale. It has a large body, and Jack Casady emphasized the exclusive JCB-1 low-impedance pick-up.

  • Les Paul Special Bass - Designed by Les Paul, this bass guitar has four strings and a 34-inch scale. Its mahogany body and solid black hardware give it a striking appearance. This bass guitar has specially designed Alnico bass Humbucker pickups, and is noted for its exceptional sustain.

  • Nikki Sixx Blackbird - Designed by Nikki Sixx to include his favorite features, including the "Opti-grab," on/off toggle, and custom fretboard inlays. This bass guitar has an unusually shaped body and a pitch black finish.

  • Thunderbird-IV - This four-string bass guitar has a "reverse" styled body. It has dual bass Humbucker pickups and a 34-inch scale. This bass guitar is easily recognized because of the unusual shape of its body and its Thunderbird insignia.

Recommended Epiphone Bass Guitars

Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass - The EB-O is an electric bass with a single sidewinder humbucker, chrome hardware, and a mahogany neck. It offers great tone and playability for a very resonable price - under $200. Its bright cherry red color gives it good visibility. Click here to buy an Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass - The great sound and look of the classic Gibson Thunderbird with a 20-fret, 34" maple neck and rosewood fingerboard and 2-TB-Plus humbuckers. In other words, the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass has a classic shape and a great sound. This streamlined design is based on Gibson's original model. 2 humbucking pickups. Volume and tone controls. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Click here to buy an Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass

Epiphone Nikki Sixx Signature Blackbird Bass Guitar - If you love loud music, then this is the bass for you! Epiphone's Nikki Sixx Blackbird electric bass guitar has "DeepSixx" humbuckers directly mounted for more crunch. Combined with a simple on/off toggle switch, they help you recreate the distinct sound of Mötley Crüe's glory days. Another innovative feature is the Opti-Grab device which helps with balancing this neck-heavy Epiphone bass while ripping off chunks of easily sustainable basslines. Aesthetically, it's no surprise that the dark-haired legend went with a pitch black body with black hardware, adding iron crosses along the tapered neck fretboard as well as a specially designed pickguard. Overall, a great choice for rock and heavy metal bass guitarists. Click here to buy an Epiphone Nikki Sixx Signature Blackbird Bass Guitar

Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar - A bass with incredible style and sound! Jack Casady, bass player for groundbreaking rock bands Hot Tuna and the Jefferson Airplane, worked closely with Epiphone to create this long scale (34"), semi-acoustic electric bass. This is a guitar for the bassist who isn't satisfied to plunk away in the background, but wants to explore the sound of the instrument to its fullest. Click here to buy an Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar

Discontinued Epiphone Bass Guitar Models

  • El Segundo - An acoustic bass guitar with four strings. It has a very large body and a 34-inch scale.

  • Embassy Special-IV - This four-string bass guitar has a laminated maple body and is typically painted in bright colors. Noted for its angled headstock and good sustain.

  • Embassy Standard-IV - This four-string bass guitar has a contoured body made from solid Swamp Ash. Combined with its maple neck, this bass guitar features very dark coloring.

  • Embassy Standard-V - This is the five-string version of the Embassy Standard-IV. It was designed with an angled headstock for good sustain and tuning accuracy. This bass guitar has a body made from solid Swamp Ash and a 34-inch scale.

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