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The Best Bass Guitars to Buy Online

Buying bass guitars and accessories can be addictive. No matter how much money you have, it seems that there is always a different style bass guitar, another vintage model, or a bigger amplifier than what you already own. This is why it is important to find high quality equipment for the best prices available. If you are just a beginner, or are buying a bass guitar for a beginner, then it is usually best to start with a relatively inexpensive model and only a few basic accessories. As a bass guitar player improves, they will learn what they like and which instruments suit their style.

These are some of the best options for buying bass guitars online:

G&L Tribute L2000 4-String Bass - The G&L Tribute is a bass utilizing G&L designs, American-made G&L pickups, and G&L patented hardware to give you G&L sound, versatility, and feel for an affordable price. The L-2000 4-string features two G&L MFD humbuckers, a basswood body, hard rock-maple neck with a maple fretboard, the G&L-designed Saddle Lock bridge, and Tri-Tone active/passive electronics with 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector, preamp control, series/parallel control, plus a treble boost/cut knob, and a bass boost/cut knob. A great bass guitar in the $800-$900 price range. Click here to buy a G&L Tribute L2000 4-String Bass

Schecter Omen-4 Electric Bass - Active electronics, 6-bolt neck attachment, solid basswood body, deluxe tuners, and diamond bass pickups. Two volume and 2-band EQ, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and jumbo frets. Overall, an amazing bass for in the $400-$500 price range. Click here to buy a Schecter Omen-4 Electric Bass

Vintage White RockBass by Warwick - The RockBass is designed to suit rock players, with the string spacing, active electronics, and a fast neck feel that lets you play hard-driving, powerful bass. You'll appreciate the traditional styling, balance, and smooth feel that this basic offers. This bass features MEC "Gold," active single-coil pickups, 2-band active electronics, a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and nickel frets. The body is alder with a transparent finish. A terrific bass in the $400-$500 price range. Click here to buy a Vintage White RockBass by Warwick

Dean Edge Q4 4-String Bass - This bass features a quilt maple top, basswood body, 35" Scale, black hardware, and a bolt-on maple & walnut neck. While beauty was the inspiration for the Dean Edge, the company put every bit of its 20+ years of design experience into this model. An excellent bass in the $400-$500 price range. Click here to buy a Dean Edge Q4 4-String Bass

Austin Bazaar 43" Metallic Red Electric Bass Guitar - This electric bass is ideal for players of any age and level. Whether you need another bass to add to your collection or just a little something for jam sessions in your garage, this bass is for you. It has 20 frets and a great looking basswood body. An excellent bass guitar for beginners, it sells for less than $100. Click here to buy an Austin Bazaar 43" Metallic Red Electric Bass Guitar

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