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Peavey Bass Guitars

Peavey designs and manufactures bass guitars and audio equipment. Hartley Peavey founded an electronics company in 1965. This company grew, and today Peavey manufactures bass guitars and other equipment all over the world. Peavey is headquarted in Meridian, Mississippi, and the majority of the Peavey's manufacturing facilities are still located in Mississippi.

Peavey bass guitars are used by many performers in rock bands and blues bands. Peavey has been associated with many famous bass guitarists, notably Rudy Sarzo from Whitesnake and John Taylor from Duran Duran. While Peavey is probably most famous for its guitars and audio equipment, the company makes some very good bass guitars.

Current Peavey Bass Guitar Models

There are several models of bass guitars made by Peavey. Here are some of the more common ones that you will encounter:

  • Cirrus - This series of bass guitars was first made in 1998. The Cirrus series consists of four, five, and six-string bass guitars. These bass guitars are noted for their bodies and necks that are made from exotic woods.

  • Grind - This series of four, five, and six-string bass guitars are made from clear-toned imbuya wood. The necks are made of mahogany, and the fretboards are made from Indonesian rosewood. Their dark wood tones gives these bass guitars a very natural look.

  • Zodiac BXP - These four-string bass guitars are designed to be durable instruments for players in rock and roll bands. While the body is made from alder wood, the hardware is all chrome. Approximate retail price for a new model is $400 to $500.

  • Zodiac DE Scorpio - This four-string bass guitar was designed with the help of David Ellefson. Intended for rock musicians, this bass guitar has a solid alder body, chrome-plated hardware, one staggered single coil and one straight single coil pickup, and two master volume controls. Approximate retail price for a new model is $800 to $900.

  • Millennium - A series of four and five-string bass guitars noted for their solid craftmanship. Considered to be a good instruments for touring heavy metal bands because of their durability. Approximate retail price for a new model is $300 to $400.

  • Milestone - A four-string bass guitar with a basic, classic design. Noted for its balanced body and ease of playing, this bass guitar is a good choice for beginners. Approximate retail price for a new model is $200.

Discontinued Peavey Bass Guitar Models

  • Patriot - A series of four-string bass guitars, primarily manufactured during the 1980s. Many bass guitarists like the sound that they produce and consider them to be extremely solid and durable instruments. Used models are relatively inexpensive, but given their durability they are usually a good buy.

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